About Us

Unifrax is a global specialty fibers company focused on providing innovative thermal management solutions for a variety of end markets and applications. We are a company with a proven history of strategic growth through product innovation, market innovation and geographic expansion, and have successfully added a number of acquisitions to our portfolio.

Company History

  • 1891 The Carborundum Company founded
  • 1942  C. “Charlie McMullen invented ceramic fiber; trademarked as Fiberfrax®
  • 1996  Carborundum sold to Saint Gobain, Carborundum Fibers becomes Unifrax, Unifrax sold to Kirkland Capital Partners
  • 2000  Acquisition of Carborundum Insulation Technology (CIT) from Saint Gobain
  • 2003  Unifrax sold to American Securities Capital Partners
  • 2004  Unifrax acquires Asfil and assets of ETS Schaefer
  • 2006  Unifrax sold to AEA
  • 2007  Unifrax acquires ceramic fiber business of Keraunion
  • 2009  Unifrax acquires Chaney Refractories and Alfatec
  • 2010  Unifrax acquires Brightcross
  • 2011  Unifrax acquires Saffil, Bondlye, RSI, SCI and VacuForm
  • 2011  Unifrax sold to American Securities
  • 2013  Unifrax acquires Lauscha Fiber International
  • 2015  Unifrax acquires 29% stake in Shandong Luyang Share Co. Ltd. (“Luyang”), establishes a share purchase agreement
  • 2017  Unifrax names John C. Dandolph, President and Chief Executive Officer of Unifrax

Since 1942, Unifrax has been a leading producer of high temperature insulation products providing innovative heat management solutions and energy savings for a broad range of industries. We are committed to solving high temperature application problems and providing exceptional value to our customers. This commitment is evident in our broad product offering of over 50 product forms including bulk fiber, blankets, boards, modules, papers and felts, woven textiles, ropes and braids, coatings and mixes, and accessory products.

Our well known Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber product line, revolutionary Insulfrax® and Isofrax® alkaline earth silicate (AES) fiber products, and other high performance specialty fiber products provide innovative heat management solutions and exceptional value to our customers in a wide range of markets. Unifrax fiber products are used to solve application problems in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, industrial ceramics, petroleum products, power generation, ceramic, glass, automotive, fire protection, aerospace, appliance and other industries.

Unifrax Today

Unifrax employs more than 2,300 people worldwide with Corporate Headquarters located in Buffalo, New York. Unifrax has manufacturing facilities in 12 countries and a sales presence in all of the world’s major industrial regions including the North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa and South America. All of our manufacturing facilities have achieved current ISO certifications and comply with all appropriate quality standards expected for production of high temperature insulation.

As a market leader in innovation and technical expertise, Unifrax’s commitment to customer satisfaction continues the tradition of supplying quality products which meet our customers’ applications, while maintaining the strong spirit of innovation that has always been a hallmark of our business. Today, our focus is on providing innovative products and services to position us as a leader in our industry. Our knowledgeable technical support and service from an experienced team of application specialists and outstanding customer service continue to be the cornerstone of our success.

Company Purpose, Mission and Values
The Unifrax culture is one that places a high value on quality and integrity in every aspect of the business operation.

Our Purpose is based on our commitment to produce high quality specialty products that help our customers save energy, reduce pollution and improve fire safety.

Our Mission is to be the worldwide leader in providing solutions using inorganic specialty fibers.

Our Values define how we work to help our customers save energy, reduce pollution, and improve fire safety.

Unifrax Values

  • Workplace and Product Safety – Our #1 Priority.
  • Ethics – We always do things the right way. No compromises.
  • People – We value and respect every employee and strive to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Meet Our Commitments – We deliver on our promises to Employees, Customers, and our Investors. We set challenging goals and overcome obstacles to achieve results.
  • Customer Focus – We value long term relationships and put the customer’s perspective at the center of our discussions and decisions.
  • Innovation – We develop new and improved products that create value for our customers.
  • Continuous Improvement – We reduce waste, cost, and complexity.
  • Teamwork – We collaborate globally to maximize results.
  • Speed and Agility – We quickly respond to opportunities and challenges.


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