Product Stewardship

The Unifrax corporate culture is most apparent in the role that Unifrax has played regarding industry health and safety issues by developing a Product Stewardship Program (PSP) that has become a model for the industry.

Unifrax has taken a proactive leadership role in the area of health and safety. In conjunction with the HTIW Coalition, an organization of the principal producers of high temperature insulation wool, Unifrax has developed a comprehensive Product Stewardship Program (PSP) to assist customers in the evaluation, control and reduction of workplace fiber exposures. The PSP has been endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a model for the industry. The PSP is composed of key elements that include communications, workplace exposure monitoring, evaluation of workplace controls, exposure assessments, health effects research, product research and special studies. For more information about this program, please call the Product Stewardship Information Hotline at 1-800-322-2293.