Proven high‑temperature insulation products for the heat‑treating and metalworking industries.

For more than 75 years, we have provided Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products used for furnace insulation in the heat-treating and metalworking industries. Heat-treating and metalworking furnaces heat steel products to a temperature that is suitable to forge and form steel into finished product forms. Today, we offer the broadest range of high-performance, high-temperature insulation products, innovative low bio-persistent fiber chemistries, and engineered thermal components to meet various thermal capabilities and specific physical characteristics for iron and steel applications. We manufacture more than 150 different Fiberfrax, Insulfrax®, and Isofrax® products, as well as engineered thermal components, all of which provide proven and effective thermal management, filtration, and fire protection solutions to reduce energy consumption and provide significant cost savings for our clients in the iron and steel industry.

Common applications.

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Application Story

Saffil M‑Fil Modules for Forge Furnace

Saffil M-Fil Modules for Forge Furnace. Location: France.

Application Story

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds for Exothermic Welding Crucibles. Location: North America.

Application Story

Fiberfrax MX Grade Modules for Galvanising Line Furnace

Fiberfrax MX Grade Modules for Galvanising Line/Furnace roof. Location: Costa Rica.


Introducing Isofrax 1400 Insulation

Isofrax 1400 thermal insulation is the latest generation of proven, revolutionary low bio-persistent fiber technology from Unifrax.

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