Low Bio-persistent Isofrax® Thermal Insulation Products

New Isofrax® 1400 Thermal Insulation

Isofrax 1400 Thermal Insulation is the latest generation of proven, revolutionary low bio-persistent fiber technology.  Manufactured using enhanced fiberization techniques combined with new proprietary processing technology, Isofrax 1400 is the only insulation product in market with a 1400 grade classification and an increased use limit temperature in applications up to 1300°C (2370°F).   Isofrax 1400 is available in  blanket   and  module    product forms.


Isofrax® 1260C Thermal Insulation

Isofrax® 1260 Thermal Insulation has the high-temperature performance characteristics required in many applications at temperatures up to 1260°C (2300°F). Isofrax Thermal Insulation from Unifrax is a revolutionary fiber that utilizes a unique, patented silica-magnesia chemistry to solve a variety of demanding, high temperature application problems while meeting European regulatory requirements.

Isofrax Thermal Insulation provides high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, and thermal shock resistance in product forms including fiber and paper.

Isofrax® Products

NEW Isofrax® 1400 Thermal Insulation
Isofrax® 1260C Paper
Isofrax® 1400 Modules
Isofrax® 1260C Thermal Insulation
Isofrax® 1400 Blanket