A global leader in glass based products for fiber and specialty non-woven producers supplying the technically demanding filtration, separation and insulation markets.

Air, Liquid, and Analytical Filtration

Consistent fiber dimension and glass purity are absolute prerequisites for critical filtration applications. This is why Unifrax Specialty Fibers (USF) glass microfiber is specified by major manufacturers of nonwoven media for high efficiency HEPA and ULPA clean room and liquid filtration, and indoor ASHRAE and HVAC pleated filters for heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Battery Separators

High specific surface area (SSA), tensile strength, low metal content and acid resistance are among the top reasons for using Unifrax Specialty Fiber’s C-glass microfiber in battery separator media for recombinant battery technology. The reliability and durability of our microfiber ensures superior AGM performance in sealed lead acid batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and telecommunications, Motive Power, and Automotive Stop-Start & Starting Lighting and Ignition (SLI) technologies.

Composite Materials

High specific surface area (SSA), long length to diameter ratio (L:D) and specially formulated chemical compositions are unique properties of our glass microfibers making them well suited as additives for advanced composites. Our E-Glass microfiber is unique within the industry. USF’s advanced technology enables us to fiberize electrical grade E-glass to the sub-micron level with low shot and no organic contamination. E-Glass microfiber has highly specific applications in advanced composites where a low dielectric constant is critical.

Cryogenic Insulation

USF provides a range of solutions for cryogenic applications where weight and cost savings are crucial. Our binder free line of cryogenic glass mat products provide tank manufacturers multiple options to reduce weight, and cost, in vacuum cooled environments where temperatures approach absolute zero. Our complete range of C-Glass microfibers are purposefully designed to provide nonwovens producers an inorganic, noncombustible, and cost effective raw material for the production of binder free cryogenic insulation papers.

Friction and Industrial Papers

Automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers are placing increased demands on the performance of friction papers to stabilize the thermal management and increase the resilience of friction surfaces.  The proven performance of USF’s glass microfiber products meet these challenges by providing friction material manufacturers solutions to improve these properties.

Glass Pellets for Fiber Production

USF produces glass pellets as a raw material for many industrial applications. Glass pellets are small, solid, pillow-shaped pieces of glass with specific chemistries that are used as a semi-finished input for further processing. Raw materials are selected based on purity and composition, and carefully batched to give homogeneous glass of the intended composition. Gas heated furnaces transform the prepared batch materials into glass from which pellets are mechanically formed.

Transportation Filtration

USF glass microfibers are ideal for use in critical transportation filtration applications. Whether used in glass-based medias, or in combination with other cellulosic or synthetic fibers to improve filtration efficiency, porosity, dimensional stability, and thermal stability the proven performance of USF glass microfibers deliver distinct competitive advantages over cellulose and synthetic fibers alone.