Our products utilize a range of specialized glass chemistries and superior fiber properties to provide solutions for demanding applications.

Glass Microfiber

Unifrax Specialty Fibers (USF) is recognized as a leader in microfiber process and product innovation. Our fiber products are distinguished by their high specific surface area, high tensile strength, consistent glass chemistry, and purity.

USF has the widest breadth of product offerings encompassing glass chemistry, fiber diameter and physical properties. Our standard glass microfiber is not surface-treated and is designed for optimal dispersion and formation in both binder and binder-free environments. Average fiber diameters range from an extremely fine 0.26 µm to 5.0 µm, providing nonwovens producers with the material characteristics they need to achieve optimized surface area, porosity, flow rates and mechanical properties.

USF produces glass microfiber using two distinct manufacturing processes: rotary and flame attenuation. These processes allow us to offer a wide range of glass microfiber products at the best possible value for the user.

Chopped Glass Microfiber

Designed as a stabilizing additive; our chopped glass microfibers provide unique properties as a reinforcing agent or filler material in rubbers, plastics, adhesives, and specialty papers. Using a rotary chopping process our standard glass microfibers are cut to shorten the fiber length and improve incorporation in compounding processes; while retaining the fibers’ inorganic, noncombustible, and high surface area properties.

Cryogenic Insulation

USF provides a range of solutions for cryogenic applications where weight and cost savings are crucial. Our binder free line of cryogenic glass mat products provide tank manufacturers multiple options to reduce weight, and cost, in vacuum cooled environments where temperatures approach absolute zero.

E-Glass Chopped Strands

In addition to our manufactured products, Unifrax Specialty Fibers distributes E-Glass chopped strand fibers to provide a complete package of materials to our customers. These fibers can be used in conjunction with our glass microfiber, or as stand-alone products depending on the needs of the specific application. Designed as an additive for papermaking or reinforcement for composite materials, our Chopped Strand is made of high purity, high temperature E-glass fiber.

 Glass Pellets

USF International produces glass pellets as a raw material for many industrial applications. Glass pellets are small, solid, pillow-shaped pieces of glass with specific chemistries that are used as a semi-finished input for further processing. Raw materials are selected based on purity and composition, and carefully batched to give homogeneous glass of the intended composition. Gas heated furnaces transform the prepared batch materials into glass from which pellets are mechanically formed.