Purefrax® Hot Gas Filtration

Global regulations have reduced the permissible levels of particulate and hazardous gas emissions, making compliance costly and requiring companies to make substantial investments in pollution control technologies. Unifrax offers unique filtration media technology that addresses the problems related to industrial emissions and high temperature filtration.  The Unifrax PUREFRAX hot gas filter candles are designed to remove particulate matter with filtration efficiencies exceeding 99%.

PUREFRAX filter elements were developed and commercialized in 1996, originally for the Aluminium industry to solve an issue of fires happening within the baghouse filter. Sparks were being carried over in the gas stream and setting fire to the fabric filters. PUREFRAX filters were developed using our high temperature fibers and are designed to work in the same way as a traditional fabric filter but with much higher temperature capability and insensitivity to sparks. Since 1996, the benefits of the product mean that they have been used in a variety of applications from incineration to product recovery to power generation (such as Waste to Energy).

In addition, Unifrax has entered into a marketing alliance with Haldor Topsoe to provide the industry with catalytic filter candles. Haldor Topsoe’s Topfrax® Catalytic hot gas filters provide particulate filtration and can be engineered to remove NOx, VOC, CO and dioxins that are generated in many industrial processes.

Key features of both the Purefrax and Topfrax® hot gas filters include:  a high temperature use limit, compatibility with sorbents, non-combustibility, and corrosion resistance.  Designing pollution control equipment around Purefrax and Topfrax® hot gas filtration media saves CAPEX and OPEX and reduces the footprint of the installation while providing extended service life and energy savings.

Typical Applications

Industrial Hot Gas Filtration

  • Dedusting of melting furnaces and fluidized bed processes
  • Al2O3– production (dedusting of rotary kiln)
  • Power station processes: gasification of coal, gasification of waste
  • Gasification of bio mass e.g. wood, sewage sludge etc.
  • Cement industry
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Calcium carbide production (dedusting of shaft furnace)
  • Production of nano powders e.g. color pigments
  • Refineries, FCCU: e.g. off-gases from catalytic crackers
  • Thermal processing of foundry sand

Product Forms

Purefrax hot gas filter candles
Topfrax catalytic hot gas filter candles
Additional Product Forms for High Temperature Filtration
Automotive Airbag Porosity Controlled Media
Provide efficient filtration of effluent gas by removing particulate matter through condensation, adhesion and mechanical entrapment (2000F)

Typical Applications:
Automotive airbag
Oxygen generators
PH Blanket for Liquid Filtration
The product chemistry and wet laid structure of Unifrax PH blanket provides superior service life in the filtration of acids in the platinum recovery process

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