Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components – Vacuum Formed Shapes

Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components is one of the leading global manufacturers of insulating shapes formed from high temperature fibers.  These vacuum formed components are designed to meet specific application requirements in a wide range of industries.  By varying the formulation and manufacturing process, shape properties can be optimized to provide thermal insulation, transfer molten metals,  provide an airtight seal or filter high temperature gases.

The product form for vacuum formed parts cover a wide range, from the production of high volume consumable shapes used in the metal casting industry, to precision machined combustion chambers for boilers, furnaces and stoves.Shape 2

Cast Consumables Group 11747

Formulations and post treatment of the components are optimized to meet demanding application requirements.  Products range from decorative fireplace panels which feature a smoke free binder formulation:

Shape 3

To high temperature burner blocks which provide years of service life in industrial furnaces:

Burner Block 11560


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