Lightweight, fire‑resistant materials for aerospace applications.

We are solving some of the toughest problems in the aerospace industry, where lightweight, fire-resistant materials are required by aerospace design engineers and maintenance technicians. Customers can choose from a variety of thin, lightweight papers and felts, fabricated systems, speciality paints and coatings and innovative performance materials designed to aid in the prevention of thermal runaway propagation in lithium-based battery applications, all of which provide both electrical and thermal protections to meet the demanding requirements of this industry. All of these product options provide high-temperature capabilities, moisture and vibration resistance and very low thermal conductivity in lightweight, thin forms for maximum insulation in small spaces. Our aerospace materials are available in several compositions, including refractory ceramic fibre (RCF), glass and low bio-persistent fibres. And our complete range of C-glass speciality microfibres are specially designed to provide nonwovens’ producers with an inorganic, non-combustible and cost-effective raw material for the production of binder-free cryogenic insulation papers.

Common Applications.

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