Speciality fibres, inorganic materials and engineered thermal components for industrial, automotive and health sciences filtration.

As a global leader in glass-based products for fibre and speciality nonwovens producers, we have a proven history of supporting technically demanding filtration, separation and insulation markets. We manufacture speciality glass fibres for several air, gas and liquid filtration and separation applications, as well as chemically resistant speciality glass microfibres for absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery separator products.

Due to increased global regulations on pollution control technologies, Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components (UETC) offers unique filtration media technology to address problems relating to industrial emissions and high-temperature filtration. Unifrax Purefrax® hot gas filter candles are designed to remove particulate matter with filtration efficiencies exceeding 99%.

Common applications.

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Application Story

Purefrax® Hot Gas Filtration

Purefrax hot gas filtration for soil remediation applications.

Application Story

Purefrax® Hotgas Filtration

Fiberfrax Purefrax hot gas filtration for iron oxide catalyst recovery.

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