Fire protection products for commercial applications.

We manufacture a wide range of fire protection products for applications that require lightweight, thin materials to prevent flame penetration and achieve significant temperature drops. Our Fiberfrax® ceramic fibre materials are lightweight, easy to fabricate and capable of providing protection up to 1,260 °C.

Our FyreWrap® product family provides proven systems and solutions to meet international fire standards and code requirements in commercial building, transportation and appliance applications. FyreWrap LiB Performance Materials are innovative new solutions to prevent thermal runaway propagation and cascading battery fires within new, emerging lithium-ion battery applications.

Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components (UETC) offers several products that are specifically designed for fire protection and fireproof applications. UETC has a full range of ceramic components with low thermal conductivity to complete the designs of speciality fireproofing applications and products.

Common applications.

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Global Marine and Offshore Manual

Unifrax manufactures a wide range of high temperature insulating materials especially suited for use in marine and offshore passive fire protection installations. This manual presents our new, improved, systems based on our FyreWrap LT blanket.

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