Critical filtration and lightweight, high‑temperature thermal management solutions for transportation applications.

Our products are used in wide range of transportation applications, including filtration media, thermal management and insulation and fire protection. Unifrax is a global leader in glass-based fibre products for speciality nonwovens producers of filtration media in transportation applications. Our Fiberfrax® and FyreWrap® ceramic fibre and low bio-persistent fibre products are proven high-temperature inorganic materials designed to save energy, reduce pollution and improve fire safety in critical transportation applications. FyreWrap fire protection systems are ideal for use in automotive, aerospace, marine and offshore and railway tank car applications wherever high heat or potential fire is a problem. FyreWrap LiB Performance Materials are innovative, new solutions to prevent thermal runaway propagation and cascading lithium-ion battery fires within new, emerging transportation applications using battery technologies.

CC-Max® and PC-Max® are just two of our emission control mounting mat product lines. We offer a complete product portfolio of emission control mounting mats and exhaust insulation products for light-duty, heavy-duty and commercial vehicles (on- and off-road).

Our experienced application engineers and research and design specialists solve a variety of thermal and passive fire protection challenges in applications where lightweight, thin materials are needed to prevent flame penetration, protect passengers, cargo and critical components and achieve significant temperature drops.

Common applications.

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