AES Wool‑Bonded Modules

AES (Alkaline Earth Silicate) Wool-Bonded Modules are prefabricated blocks manufactured from either Insulfrax or Isofrax 1400 blanket. They are specifically designed to improve the thermal insulation of existing industrial furnaces. AES Wool-Bonded Modules can be cemented to the hot face of traditional refractory linings (L.O.R. method), or to the hot face of existing fibrous module linings (F.O.F. method). Alternatively, bonded modules can be used to provide a complete lining by cementing to an expanded metal frame. Available in a wide range of grade and thickness combinations, the AES Wool-Bonded Module range offers effective solutions to thermal management problems in many industry sectors.


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AES Wool‑Bonded Modules

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