Fiberfrax® Anchor‑Loc® 2 Ceramic Fibre Module

Fiberfrax® Anchor-Loc® 2 modules bonds layers of refractory ceramic fibre blanket into a strong, pliable fibre block. Spun ceramic fibre blankets featuring high tensile strength for improved resistance to mechanical abuse, vibration and gas velocity are used in the construction of Anchor-Loc2 Fibermass blocks. A proprietary fibre treatment decreases fibre dusting and irritation while increasing block flexibility, making the module easy to compress into place.

Fiberfrax Anchor-Loc 2 Modules are available in two temperature grades based on whether they are constructed from Durablanket® HP-S or Durablanket 2600. The Weld-Loc®2, Thread Loc®2, and Power-Loc®2 attachment systems are available to meet a wide range of application needs.

Product advantages:
Anchor-Loc2 ceramic fibre modules offer the same advantages as other fibre-wall furnace linings when compared to refractory construction. They are:

  • Faster temperature cycling
  • Lower heat storage
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower installed cost
  • Easier repairs


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Fiberfrax® Anchor‑Loc® 2 Ceramic Fibre Module

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