Fiberfrax® FC‑25 Tamping Mix

Fiberfrax® FC-25 Tamping Mix materials provide casting mixes that can be applied in small areas such as furnace access and site doors, tube sheets, and as a refractory backup. FC-25 tamping mix is a wet mix containing Fiberfrax fibres and inorganic binders. It is poured directly from the container and tamped into place. Its dry density is 9-11 kg/cubic foot.

Fiberfrax FC-25 Tamping Mix products also possess the advantages inherent to other Fiberfrax Specialties ceramic fibre insulating materials:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Chemical stability
  • Ease of installation

The Fiberfrax® Specialties range of products includes Fiberfrax mouldables, pumpables, caulks, coating cements, rigidisers, tamping mix and Moist-Pack blanket.


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Fiberfrax® FC‑25 Tamping Mix

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