Fiberfrax® Moist Pak®

Fiberfrax® Moist Pak is a mouldable and formable blanket insulation containing an inorganic wet binder. It dries upon firing to a hard shape having a dry density of 5-8 kg/cubic foot. Moist Pak insulation possesses excellent thermal insulating properties and effectively resists hot gas velocities well in excess of 30 metres/second.

Moist Pak insulation is used primarily as a surface layer over Fiberfrax blanket linings in hot gas erosion applications. It is also used to protect alloy hardware exposed to high temperatures, as a durable insulating cover for exhaust lines, around burner assemblies, and wherever a formable blanket is needed to provide strength and hot gas erosion resistance.

Moist Pak is ideal for insulating complex shapes and for service under conditions of high hot gas velocities. The material is packaged in a clear polyethylene bag to retain the wet binder during shipment and storage.


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Fiberfrax® Moist Pak®

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