Fiberfrax® PH Blanket

Fiberfrax® PH Blanket is a unique product that has been specifically designed to provide excellent filtration capabilities in addition to the high chemical stability and low thermal conductivity of all Fiberfrax products.

PH Blanket is made from Fiberfrax bulk ceramic fibres in a unique wet-felting process that removes unfiberised particles. In addition to the strength and resilience afforded by the interlocking of fibres during the manufacturing process, handling strength is further enhanced by the addition of a small amount of organic binder.

A typical filtration application would involve using PH Blanket as a platinum catalyst recovery filter in nitric acid production. In this application, PH Blanket offers numerous advantages over glass wool products including longer life, 50-60% improved filter efficiency, reduced chance of blowouts, and better temperature resistance.


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Fiberfrax® PH Blanket

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