Fiberfrax® Woven Textiles

Fiberfrax® woven textile product forms are durable, high-temperature ceramic fibre fabrics that are well-suited to industrial applications requiring strong, yet flexible, high-temperature-resistant materials. They are noted for their superior insulating ability to 1260 °C. All the textiles contain approximately 20% organic fibre added during the carding process to produce roving. The roving is further processed into yarn for weaving into Fiberfrax cloth, tape and sleeving.

The woven textile product range is a unique group of high-temperature ceramic fibre fabrics that can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. It is composed of three basic product lines: Fiberfrax® cloth, tape and sleeving; Fibersil cloth and Flexweave 1000 cloth and tape. Fiberfrax yarn, the core material from which Fiberfrax cloth, tape and sleeving is woven, is also available as a product form.

Fiberfrax textiles have excellent resistance to thermal shock, corrosion and breakdown due to mechanical vibration and stress. They also demonstrate excellent chemical stability, resisting attack from most corrosive agents.


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Fiberfrax® Woven Textiles

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