Fiberwall® Ceramic Cup Locks

The Fiberwall® range of anchoring hardware and accessory components provides an array of attachment options to cover a broad range of lining system designs and application requirements.

When hot-face temperatures exceed 1093 °C but are below 1149 °C, the ceramic cup-lock retainer can be used to extend the recommended operating temperature of the 601 Inconel stud to 1149 °C. The alloy washer is not required when the cup lock is used to retain the insulation lining.

The stud length dimension, when using a 5.8 cm (2”) cup-lock retainer, is determined by subtracting 2.54 cm (1”) from the applicable lining thickness. To be effective, the cup lock’s inner core must be filled with LDS mouldable. This can be done either before or after engaging the cup lock to the stud’s tip. The 1” cup lock is used primarily in layered lining over refractory (L.O.R.) installations where lining thickness is usually 2” or less, corrosive elements are present in the fuel, or when the hot-face temperature is below 1121 °C. Typically, the 2.54 cm (1”) cup lock is used in conjunction with barbed 601 Inconel studs in L.O.R. applications. The “barb” of a barbed stud is configured so that it will easily enter, but will lock securely to, predrilled holes in the refractory surface. LDS Moldable® is employed as a filler to plug the cup lock’s 2.54 cm (1”)-deep core and, as in the 5.8 cm (2”) cup lock, is carried over to the face of the cup lock to effectively seal around the core’s perimeter edge.


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Fiberwall® Ceramic Cup Locks

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