Flexilite‑MC Felt

Flexilite-MC Felt is a niche product that incorporates a revolutionary new fibre with unique, patented silica-magnesia chemistry. The fibre it uses has very high solubility in simulated body fluids and meets the European and German regulatory requirements.

Flexilite-MC Felt is made using a combination of special spun fibres and our unique binder system within a wet-forming process. The result is a product that demonstrates advanced flexibility with exceptional handling strength. The advanced production process we employ combined with our specialist treatment method used in the manufacture of Flexilite-MC Felt combine to deliver a product that is ideally suited for the ‘hot top’ insulation of ingot moulds. The high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and superior flexibility provide advanced performance in this demanding application. Its lightweight properties provide ease of handling during installation and removal after use.


Safety Data Sheets

Flexilite‑MC Felt

Product Information Sheet

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