Flexilite‑MC Paper

Flexilite-MC Paper is based on an innovative new fibre from Unifrax with exclusive, patented silica-magnesia chemistry. The fibre it uses has very high solubility in simulated body fluids and meets the European and German regulatory requirements. Flexilite-MC Paper is made using a combination of special spun fibres and binders within a wet-forming process to produce a thin, flexible product with reduced shot content and good handling properties. This product has been developed as part of the Flexilite-MC System used for ‘hot top’ insulation of ingot moulds. Flexilite-MC Paper is supplied in strips and is used to supplement Flexilite-MC Felt. It provides a strategic seal over the joints in the felt during installation and is held in place using Flexilite-MC Cement, another component of the Flexilite-MC System. The excellent handling strength, superior flexibility and custom roll size all combine to provide simple installation. This ensures that Flexilite-MC Paper can be used quickly and effectively when required. Unifrax paper and felt products consist of a group of wet-laid, non-woven materials. The materials are manufactured using Unifrax alumino-silicate fibres wet-laid with a latex binder system to form a randomly oriented matrix. These products are flexible, lightweight, and possess excellent thermal characteristics.


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Flexilite‑MC Paper

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