Insulfrax® LTX Foil‑Faced Blanket

Insulfrax® LTX Foil-Faced Blankets are lightweight needled blankets based upon Insulfrax alkaline earth silicate wool, which are reprocessed at our specialist manufacturing facilities. Aluminium foil or glass cloth coverings are attached to the surface of the Insulfrax LTX Blankets using an inorganic adhesive. This extensive range of blanket products available in various density and thickness combinations is particularly suited for use in fire protection applications and as a vapour barrier in furnace linings.

Typical applications:

Insulfrax LTX Foil Faced Blankets are the next generation of low bio-persistent Insulfrax fibre and the product of choice for a wide range of applications in a number of industries including:

  • Passive fire protection systems
  • Vapour barrier in furnace linings
  • Chimney and duct insulation
  • External pipe insulation


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Insulfrax® LTX Foil‑Faced Blanket

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