Insulfrax® Paper

Insulfrax® Paper is a revolutionary product that is manufactured by forming Insulfrax fibre in a non-woven matrix. These fibres are randomly oriented during manufacturing and then held in place with a latex binder system. A specialised paper-making process is used to form uniform, lightweight, flexible materials, including Insulfrax paper.

Typical applications:

  • Automotive and aerospace heat shields
  • Gaskets for ovens, stoves, heaters and other appliances
  • Non-ferrous ingot mould liners
  • Refractory backup insulation in ladles, glass tanks and other high-temperature furnaces
  • Parting medium in brazing and soldering
  • Molten aluminium transfer systems

Insulfrax fibre, used in Insulfrax paper, is a low bio-persistent line of products based upon a calcium, magnesium and silicate (CMS) composition. This CMS fibre composition has been successfully used to solve a variety of application problems from 427 °C up to 1100 °C. In addition to high temperature resistance, Insulfrax fibre meets European regulatory requirements (Directive 97/69/EC).

Insulfrax paper offers many unique problem-solving advantages, which include: high-temperature stability up to 1100 °C, meets European regulatory requirements, superior wetting resistance to molten aluminium, low thermal conductivity, flexibility, and easy to wrap, shape or cut.


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Insulfrax® Paper

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