Isofrax® 1260C Boards 120ZK and 120LD

Isofrax® Board products are manufactured from Isofrax 1260C alkaline earth silicate wool, blended with specially selected inorganic and organic binders to provide rigid boards with exceptional characteristics.

120ZK is easy to cut and shape with standard tools. These boards exhibit high strength and rigidity coupled with excellent insulating performance and high temperature stability.

120LD is particularly suited to applications where reduced out-gassing and/or high-definition mechanical machining are required. Isofrax Board products are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.


Safety Data Sheets

Isofrax® 1260C Boards 120ZK and 120LD

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Application Story

Isofrax® Modules and Board for Furnace Exhaust Hood Lining

Isofrax® Modules and Board for non-ferrous furnace exhaust hood linings.

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