Isofrax® Moist Pak

Isofrax® Moist Pak is made from Isofrax alkaline earth silicate wool blanket impregnated with inorganic bonding agents resulting in flexible insulation that dries to a hard rigid structure. Moist Pak products are ideal for the insulation of complex shapes and for service under conditions of high hot gas velocities. The materials are packaged in polythene bags to retain the wet binder during shipment and storage. Moist Pak products are available in a range of density and thickness combinations. Isofrax® thermal insulation uses a unique, patented silica-magnesia composition, which produces products capable of withstanding continuous operating temperatures up to 1260 °C. Isofrax products are designed to have enhanced in-vitro solubility characteristics, which enable Isofrax products to meet European regulatory requirements for synthetic vitreous fibres.


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Isofrax® Moist Pak

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