Saffil® Blanket

Saffil® Blankets, made from Saffil Alumina fibres, are high-temperature, lightweight, needled blankets manufactured from high-purity polycrystalline fibre with a polypropylene carrier to optimise strength and flexibility.

Saffil® Alumina Fibres are high-purity polycrystalline fibres designed for use in applications up to 1600 °C. Since their development in the early 1970s, Saffil fibres have been used successfully to solve problems in demanding high-temperature insulation and many other speciality applications.

Saffil fibres are produced by a unique solution extrusion process that ensures the highest levels of chemical purity and lowest possible levels of shot content (non-fibrous particles).

Typical applications:

  • Used to form stack-bonded and convoluted modules for use in the lining of kilns, furnaces and heaters
  • Mechanically fixed or veneering modules
  • Expansion gap filling
  • Seals
  • Lining in the construction of industrial furnaces and kilns


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Saffil® Blanket

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