Saffil® Felt

Saffil® Felt is lightweight, intumescent and dust-free. It is supplied as a flexible sheet that is easily cut to shape. The fibres are held in compression by an acrylic polymer
binder that burns out completely at temperatures in excess of about 400 °C, and an expansion in its thickness occurs. The highly resilient and flexible Saffil fibres show exceptional recovery after exposure to heat, expanding up to 3x the original thickness after removal of the binder.

Control of the crystalline microstructure during manufacture and high classification temperature result in a highly resilient fibre even when exposed to elevated temperatures. Low shrinkage at high temperature (1600 °C) ensures long life in the most demanding applications. The high levels of alumina and low levels of silica and trace elements ensure chemical stability in the majority of industrial process conditions.

Typical applications:

  • Saffil felt is widely used as an expansion gap filling in the construction of industrial furnaces, kilns and in the manufacture of high-temperature seals and gaskets.
  • It can also be used in the installation of new refractory linings to overcome the effects of shrinkage in fibre linings and to accommodate expansion in dense refractory installations.


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Saffil® Felt

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