Thermfrax® Gemcolite® AASIL FG30‑11000

Thermfrax® Gemcolite® AASIL FG30-11000 is Unifrax Engineered Thermal Component’s (UETC) high-alumina, high-temperature insulation board. It is composed of man-made vitreous alumina to provide a very high-temperature board with minimal shrinkage and low density. It is best used in applications with extreme high temperature, up to 1648°C, where minimal board weight is needed, or where the application is silica-sensitive. It has a low shot content and high vibration resistance. Gemcolite® AASIL FG30-11000 resists thermal shock, allowing for faster cycle times. UETC’s vast forming and machining capabilities allow Gemcolite® AASIL FG30-11000 to be made in a variety of shapes, besides standard boards and blocks, and can be tailor-made to customer-required shapes and specifications. This material is also easily cut and formed using hand tools.


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