Thermfrax® Gemcolite® ASM FG‑165050

Thermfrax® Gemcolite® ASM FG30-115050 and FG30-165050 are Unifrax Engineered Thermal Component’s (UETC) high-temperature insulation board. It uses synthetic vitreous alumina silicate fibres enhanced with advanced high-temperature fibres to provide very high temperature insulation with minimal shrinkage and high density and strength. It is best used in applications that require the use of extreme high temperatures of up to 1648 °C, and good board strength and resilience. FG30-165050 is offered pre-fired to minimise shrinkage at extreme temperatures. UETC’s vast forming and machining capabilities allow Gemcolite® ASM to be made in a variety of shapes in addition to standard boards and blocks, and it can be tailor-made to the customer’s required shapes and specifications. This material is also easily cut and formed using hand tools.


Safety Data Sheets

Application Story

Thermfrax® and Insulfrax® for Appliance Insulation

Insulfrax low bio-persistent board for commercial fryer appliance insulation application.

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