Thermfrax® Gemcolite® AZS FG 26‑110

Thermfrax® Gemcolite® FG26-110 AZS is Unifrax Engineered Thermal Component’s (UETC) higher temperature insulating fibre board. It uses synthetic vitreous alumina-silicate-zirconia fibres with organic and inorganic binders to generate a strong board with excellent insulating properties at higher temperatures than our standard insulating material. It is best used in applications using temperatures greater than 1260 °C, although care must be taken to ensure the application does not exceed 1260 °C. FG26-110 AZS resists thermal shock, enabling faster cycle times. UETC’s vast forming and machining capabilities allow Gemcolite® FG26-110 AZS to be made in a variety of shapes in addition to standard boards and blocks, and it can be tailor-made to the customer’s required shapes and specifications. This material is also easily cut and formed using hand tools.


Safety Data Sheets

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