Thermfrax® Gemcolite® NS

Thermfrax® Gemcolite® NS No-Smoke® is Unifrax Engineered Thermal Component’s (UETC) non-off-gassing high-density rigid panel. It uses synthetic vitreous alumina-silicate fibres and inorganic binders to generate a very strong, high-density flat panel insulation. It is best used in indoor applications and areas that will not tolerate burn-off products from organic components. Thermfrax® Gemcolite® NS No-Smoke® resists thermal shock, enabling faster cycle times. UETC makes Thermfrax® Gemcolite® NS No-Smoke® in a standard 30 x 91 x 0.64 cm (12” x 36” x ¼”) size, but is always willing to make custom shapes and sizes.


Safety Data Sheets

Application Story

Thermfrax® and Insulfrax® for Appliance Insulation

Insulfrax low bio-persistent board for commercial fryer appliance insulation application.

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