Specialty fibers for use in the aluminum non‑ferrous metals industry.

Our high-performance specialty fibers and inorganic materials provide faster furnace cycling, longer service life, and increased energy savings. Due to high energy demands and moderate processing temperatures, our products – which include traditional aluminosilicate refractory ceramic fibers and low bio-persistent fibers – are ideal for use in a variety of aluminum and non-ferrous metals processes. Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components (UETC) manufactures a variety of refractory and insulation solutions for molten metal applications. UETC materials can be formed as boards, sleeves, combustion chambers and any custom shape. In addition, UETC has a wide range of machining capabilities for added details and tight tolerances to customize the product to fit your needs. UETC also offers unique filtration media technology to address problems related to industrial emissions and high-temperature hot gas filtration.

Common Applications.

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Application Story

Saffil M‑Fil Modules for Forge Furnace

Saffil M-Fil Modules for Forge Furnace. Location: France.

Application Story

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds for Exothermic Welding Crucibles. Location: North America.

Application Story

Fiberfrax MX Grade Modules for Galvanising Line Furnace

Fiberfrax MX Grade Modules for Galvanising Line/Furnace roof. Location: Costa Rica.


Introducing Isofrax 1400 Insulation

Isofrax 1400 thermal insulation is the latest generation of proven, revolutionary low bio-persistent fiber technology from Unifrax.


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