High‑temperature insulation solutions for foundry applications.

We have been providing Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products for furnace insulation in heat-treating and metalworking industries for more than 75 years. Today, we offer a broad range of high-temperature insulation products to improve not only thermal efficiency but also heat-up and cool-down rates for foundry applications in the production of aluminum, cast iron, steel, and other metals. Our products provide equipment and personnel protection from molten metal splash and heat-loss reduction in stress-relieving applications. We manufacture more than 150 different Fiberfrax, Insulfrax®, and Isofrax® products, which provide proven and effective solutions to reduce energy consumption, cut costs, and reduce the risk of fire in foundry applications. Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components (UETC) manufactures a variety of refractory and insulation solutions for molten metal applications. With products for applications in ferrous and non-ferrous metal production, and a variety of machining capabilities and surface treatments, we offer solutions to fit your needs.

Common applications.

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Application Story

Saffil M‑Fil Modules for Forge Furnace

Saffil M-Fil Modules for Forge Furnace. Location: France.

Application Story

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds for Exothermic Welding Crucibles. Location: North America.

Application Story

Fiberfrax MX Grade Modules for Galvanising Line Furnace

Fiberfrax MX Grade Modules for Galvanising Line/Furnace roof. Location: Costa Rica.


Introducing Isofrax 1400 Insulation

Isofrax 1400 thermal insulation is the latest generation of proven, revolutionary low bio-persistent fiber technology from Unifrax.

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