Ecoflex® 2K Substrate Support Mat

Ecoflex 2K utilizes Unifrax polycrystalline fibers, commonly known as polycrystalline wool (PCW), with proven long-term performance in challenging emission control mounting mat applications.

Designed for wide range of applications:
• Diesel (DPF, DOC, SCR)
• Gasoline (CCC, UBC, GPF)
• Thermal Insulation (End Cone, Heat Shield)
• Ultra-Thin Wall Monoliths

Unifrax emission control products and solutions are made to meet the demands of stringent regulations and difficult operating conditions. We offer a variety of mounting mats and insulation materials in three proven fiber chemistries: Polycrystalline Wool (PCW), Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and Alkaline Earh Silicate (AES). Our strong focus on product development, manufacturing efficiencies and sophisticated quality control programs positions Unifrax to be your preferred resource for innovative solutions for emission control applications in worldwide markets.



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