A catalytic force to drive the automotive industry forward.

Introducing Eco-lytic™ by Unifrax – an exciting bridge for reducing catalytic converter costs and minimizing the environmental impact of combustion engines, offering a greener, cleaner, safer option.

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A new frontier for catalyst substrate technology.

Eco-lytic is a new fiber-based, nanostructured alumina catalyst technology for the transportation industry. Housed within a vehicle’s catalytic converter, this new and improved catalyst support fiber is designed to replace the existing technology and will help pave the way for more efficient gasoline, diesel, and hybrid vehicles.

Learn more about Eco-lytic™ – A cleaner, lower cost, lower weight and more efficient solution for reducing vehicle emissions.

A catalyst for change in automotive.

Eco-lytic is the step change needed for automobile manufacturers. The solution is designed to help prolong a cleaner engine life and enable vehicle manufacturers to meet increasingly strict and stringent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, including government regulations, while providing considerable cost savings as the market transitions to electric vehicles (EVs).

A reduction in PGM usage.

Eco-lytic offers a lightweight and more efficient fiber-based material that reduces the catalytic converter canister’s overall footprint. Recent tests have shown a 40% reduction in platinum group metal (PGM) usage over traditional systems.

Unparalleled performance.

Eco-lytic can meet ever-increasing environmental regulations and internal combustion engine requirements. Up to 80% lighter than conventional technology, Eco-lytic results in an improved noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) response.

Superior adaptability.

Eco-lytic’s adaptable structure not only offers efficiency and cost savings but also provides transportation industry manufacturers unique packaging options. Unifrax can tailor the Eco-lytic product to meet the needs of individual partners through unique shapes and sizes to fit where the existing technologies cannot.

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