A powerful breakthrough for lithium-ion batteries.

Introducing SiFAB by Unifrax. A proprietary silicon fiber anode battery technology that enables greater energy density, faster charges, and longer battery life.

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Advanced silicon anode technology.

SiFAB is a game-changing technology that will transform the battery industry. This revolutionary silicon fiber anode material enables higher energy density than current technologies and can be used in existing manufacturing processes. SiFAB has successfully been tested with incremental Si loadings of more than 40%.

Proven manufacturing.

As a global leader in high-performance specialty fibers with more than 75 years of experience, Unifrax has a proven track record of developing new and unique technologies at a large scale worldwide. Production is expected to come online in early 2022, with plans to build thousands of tons of long-term manufacturing capacity.


SiFAB is the next wave in battery innovation. The structurally stable advanced Si anode offers cell makers a drop-in solution and can be optimized for various applications. It enables space maximization, lighter weight, extended usage between charges, faster charge time, and improved performance.

Consumer electronics.

Energy storage.

Electric vehicles.

Power tools.

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