Reshape your approach to high-temperature applications with ThermShape.

Efficiently direct heat. Achieve lower energy costs. Protect your people and equipment. Do it all with ThermShape Thermal Control Solution.

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Thermal components reenergized.

When you’re looking for more efficiency – and savings – look to ThermShape Engineered Thermal Components from Unifrax. Our thermal components and customized fiber shapes for high-temperature applications save energy, direct heat, lower energy costs, and protect people and equipment.

Where there’s heat, there’s ThermShape.

ThermShape Thermal Control Solution by Unifrax is a pioneering fiber technology with built-in vacuum forming capabilities. By utilizing vacuum formed shape innovation, we’re able to offer high-quality manufacturing of ceramic fiber shapes, along with the components necessary to solve any high-temperature containment challenges. It’s what makes ThermShape the heating innovation that simply radiates quality.

More Value

  • Longer life
  • Lower maintenance
  • Higher efficiency

Improved Utilization

  • Reach operating temperatures 50% faster with ThermShape Thermal Control Solution heaters

Greater Safety

  • ThermShape Thermal Control Solution heaters are cool to the touch, improving safety and comfort
  • ThermShape Thermal Control Solution heaters don’t collect oil and other hazardous contaminants

Higher Quality

  • Improved consistency
  • Quicker response time
  • More efficient energy transfer to the melt
  • Substantially reduced temperature fluctuations

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