Lorette and Ambert, France

Work Environment.

The Unifrax Lorette and Ambert, France manufacturing facilities on High temperature fiber and wet line process are located in Region – Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. The Lorette employ 88 employees. Ambert plant facilities employ 31 employees. Some resources are shared with Ambert: finance, human resources, purchasing. For each plant, you can find salary positions in production, manufacturing and administration.

Unifrax employees have real tools to improve working conditions and to invest to make work safer. All employees are provided with training and development in order to develop their skills, be a player in their professional development and to take new opportunities.


Lorette is an attractive city due to its geographical location: 1 hour from the ski resorts of the Alps, 2 hours from the sea. We are near the city of Lyon, second French agglomeration, with accesses to culture, education (due to its good universities), outings.  We are also close of Saint Etienne, city more average but dynamic and nestled in the heart of the natural park of Pilat.

Ambert is located in a fascinating and unspoiled region of the Auvergne in the natural regional park of the Livradois Forez in the Puy-de-Dôme. It has 7300 inhabitants. There are a lot rivers and streams in the region.

Ambert plant is an active member of the association TVLF (work and live in Livradois Forex) which includes 35 companies. Their goal is to facilitate the social integration of newcomers by allowing the partner to find a job.

There is also a true sport spirit through rugby by supporting ACM Clermont Auvergne, top 14 team with impressive stats.

Benefits and Programs.

Medical, dental and vision benefits and programs are available to eligible Unifrax employees. Unifrax Lorette and Ambert offers savings plan but also sport grants, culture grants and holiday vouchers.

For more information on specific benefits contact Unifrax Human Resources at info@unifrax.com

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