Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Work Environment.

Unifrax Emission Control South Africa (Pty) Ltd based in Port Elizabeth  South Africa in the Perseverance Industrial Park. The Perseverance plant is the only plant in South Africa. Unifrax Emission Control South Africa (Pty) Ltd) was registered in March 2003. The building phase of the plant commenced in August 2003 and was completed in January 2004. Start of Production (SOP) was in May 2004 on line 3 with 15 employees. Unifrax Emission Control South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter high performance (Soft Canning) support mats, called Ecoflex TM. This support mat sits between the ceramic substrate and the metal shell. The converters are assembled by the exhaust manufacturers, also called CANNERS.

The plant now employees 80 employees, which consist of a Quality, Logistics, Finance, Engineering, HR and Production departments. Production is operators 24/7 days a week, and consists of a 4 shift pattern.


Port Elizabeth is situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Port Elizabeth is also known as PE, Nelson Mandela Bay, The friendly city as well as the windy city. PE is famous for fabulous beaches and wildlife with dedicated national parks to persevere the Eastern Cape Elephants. PE is also completely malaria free.  Port Elizabeth is also known as the hotspot for production of motor vehicles such as VW in Uitenhage and accessories, therefore it is seen as the motor capital of South Africa.  Traveling time from one end of Port Elizabeth to plant is approximately 20 minutes’ drive.

Benefits and Programs.

Unifrax South Africa’s works on a Cost to Company package. Unifrax South Africa abides by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997 and Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, as well as the National Chemical Bargaining Council.

Current Openings

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