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Unifrax is pleased to offer a number of training courses relating to FyreWrap® Insulation.



Online Installer Training Certification

The FyreWrap Insulation Installer Training Course is designed specifically to educate contractors regarding flexible duct and plenum wrap applications and the correct installation of the FyreWrap systems and attachment methods. Once you complete the course, you will be asked to take an assessment (exam) which includes a series of questions regarding key installation features and course learning points.

Successful completion of the assessment will indicate you have met Unifrax’s criteria to be a FyreWrap “Trained Installer”. Upon successful completion, certificates of completion are available for printing.

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Online Fire Rated Duct Enclosure Course

The Design Benefits of Flexible Wrap Systems Training Course is designed specifically to educate Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, Installers and Code Officials regarding flexible wrap applications and the benefits offered with this type of shaft alternative fire protection technology. Upon successful completion, certificates of completion are available for printing.

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On Site Training

In addition to the above online training courses, Unifrax offers a number of on-site training presentations on FyreWrap and the benefits of Flexible Duct & Plenum Wraps specifically for the audiences listed below. To request a training session, please contact the FyreWrap Regional Manager for your geographical area.

Architects & Engineers – this “lunch & learn” session provides a generic presentation on “Flexible Blanket Fire Rated Enclosures for Grease, Chemical Fume, Stair Pressurization & Ventilation Air Ducts”. This session qualifies as a Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) topic.  Upon completion, certificates of completion are mailed to participants.  A new version of this presentation is also available and titled “Shaft Alternative: Design Benefits of Flexible Wrap Systems for Ducts & Plenums”.

Building Owners – this presentation can be tailored to address the interest area of building owners and managers. The focus is on the benefits of flexible wrap systems on billable space and building maintenance.

Code Officials & Inspectors – this presentation can be made to local jurisdictions during their monthly department meetings. The focus is on system details including fire testing, code compliance and proper installation. Tips on key inspection points are provided.

Installer Training – this on-site session provides detailed instructions on correct installation of FyreWrap systems and attachment methods for various duct and plenum applications. Participants are provided with a certificate of completion as a “Qualified Trained FyreWrap Installer” and a laminated wallet card to use for on-site verification of training as needed.

Insulation Distributors – Unifrax offers training of existing or new Fire Protection Distributors (FPD’s) and their customers on the FyreWrap product line and system features.

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