Chopped Glass Microfiber

Chopped Glass Microfiber from Unifrax is designed as a stabilizing additive; our chopped glass microfibers provide unique properties as a reinforcing agent or filler material in rubbers, plastics, paints, adhesives, ceramics and specialty papers. Using a secondary chopping process glass microfibers are cut to shorten the fiber length in order to improve incorporation in compounding processes; while retaining the fibers’ inorganic, noncombustible and high surface area properties.

Unifrax Microfine Glass Fibers have the following outstanding characteristics:

  • High specific surface area (SSA)
  • Inorganic, inert and noncombustible filler material
  • Multiple glass chemistries: B, C & E-glass
  • Easy acceptance of surface treatments and coupling agents
  • Product grades with average fiber diameters from 0.25μm – 5.0μm
  • Fine chopped for improved processing


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Chopped Glass Microfiber

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