E‑Glass Chopped Strand Fibers

Designed as an additive for papermaking, our E-Glass Chopped Strand Fiber is made of high purity, high temperature E-Glass fiber. These fibers can be used in conjunction with our glass microfiber, or as stand-alone products depending on the needs of the specific application.

Unifrax E-Glass Microfibers have the following outstanding characteristics:

  • E-Glass electrical grade composition exhibiting low dielectric properties
  • Filament diameters: 6μm & 11μm
  • Cut lengths available in 6mm and 12mm
  • Sizing types: Silane, Starch, or Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)
  • Wet chop: 8-12% moisture content
  • Packed in plastic bags in palletized cardboard boxes


Safety Data Sheets

E‑Glass Chopped Strand Fibers

Product Information Sheet

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