Ecoflex® 200M 2HF‑D and Ecoflex® 200MLB 2HF‑D

Ecoflex® 200M 2HF-D and Ecoflex 200MLB 2HF-D are flexible, have excellent handleability and are easy to assemble through a broad range of different canning techniques. Ecoflex 200M 2HF-D is compatible with cordierite, ultra-thin wall (UTW), silicon carbide (SiC), and alumina titanate (AT) substrates.

Ecoflex 200MLB 2HF-D is specially formulated with a lower organic binder content in order to reduce boardiness. This is designed to improve low temperature holding. Ecoflex 200MLB 2HF-D is supplied with scrim to facilitate the canning process.


Safety Data Sheets

Ecoflex® 200M 2HF‑D and Ecoflex® 200MLB 2HF‑D

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