Ecoflex® 400 Support Mat

Ecoflex® 400 utilizes M-FIL® polycrystalline fibers which have a proven history of long-term performance under all inlet gas temperatures up to 1050°C. It also provides superior erosion resistance, allowing it to provide robust design solutions without the need of wire-mesh rings or any other type of edge-treatment. Ecoflex 400 is flexible, has excellent handleability and is easy to assemble through a broad range of different canning techniques. Ecoflex 400 is compatible with cordierite, ultrathin wall (UTW), silicon carbide (SiC), and alumina titanate (AT) substrates.

The unique handling characteristics and proven long-term performance offered by Ecoflex 400 make it the ideal solution for a wide range of emission control devices, including diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filters (DPF), selective catalyst reduction units (SCR), and underbody converters (gasoline, diesel and ethanol flex fuel).


Ecoflex® 400 Support Mat

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Ecoflex® 400 Support Mat

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