Ecoflex®500 Support Mat

Ecoflex® 500 Support Mat utilizes X-Fil® polycrystalline wool (PCW) fibers. Ecoflex 500 has extremely high resiliency and contains a negligible amount of respirable fiber. With less than 0.1% by weight of World Health Organization (WHO) respirable fiber, X-Fil fiber and Ecoflex 500 mat make it easy to meet the most stringent workplace regulations. Ecoflex 500 is suitable for the full spectrum of exhaust after-treatment applications such as ultra-thin wall substrates, oxidation catalysts, selective catalyst reduction, diesel and gasoline particle filters.

Ecoflex 500 when compared to other available polycrystalline fiber support mats has higher holding force when installed on applications with a large relative gap expansion (RGE%). With a low binder content of less than 7% by weight, Ecoflex 500 delivers the necessary low temperature performance expected from a polycrystalline fiber support mat. It also provides superior erosion resistance, allowing it to provide robust design solutions eliminating the need for extra edge protection measures.

Ecoflex 500 is easy to process in all common canning methods, such as hard and soft stuffing canning operations. To enhance crack resistance and facilitate canning the product comes available with a low density organic scrim on one side.


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Ecoflex®500 Support Mat

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