Excelfrax® 1800 Board

The Excelfrax® product line is based on advanced microporous insulation technology, with superior insulating characteristics. Excelfrax microporous insulation is composed of inorganic oxides, primarily fumed silica. Silicates and opacifiers are added to improve the material performance. Microporous materials are very efficient insulation products. These products actually have thermal conductivity values lower than still air. This performance is based on the ability of microporous insulation to block the three modes of heat transfer (i.e., conduction, convection, and radiation).

Product properties:

  • Resistance to Thermal Shock – Excelfrax is resistant to thermal shock caused by both low and high temperatures.
  • Non-Combustibility – Excelfrax is completely noncombustible per German standard DIN 4102 Class A1.
  • Wetting – Wetting agents such as water, liquid detergents, oil, petroleum, alcohol, etc. can have an adverse effect on Excelfrax since these liquids can destroy the microporous structure of the product. This can be greatly reduced or eliminated by encapsulating Excelfrax in a barrier material such as polyethylene or aluminum foil.
  • Storage – Excelfrax can be stored indefinitely and should be handled and stored in liquid-free conditions. Moist air or steam does not adversely affect the stability of Excelfrax.

Excelfrax 1800 Board is a rigid material with comparatively high density, compression resistance and strength. It is available in thicknesses up to 50 mm (2″ ).


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Excelfrax® 1800 Board

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