Excelfrax® 550 Felt

Excelfrax® 550 Felt is manufactured from specially blended glass fibres and contains no organic binder. The resulting sheets are self-supporting, flexible and lightweight with exceptional thermal performance characteristics and produce no emissions on firing. Excelfrax 550 Felt demonstrates thermal performance approaching that of microporous products and can therefore be used whenever space is limited or premium thermal performance is required. The sheets are available in a wide range of standard sizes, are easily cut and can be formed into geometrically demanding shapes or around complex contours.

With a maximum use temperature of 550 °C, Excelfrax 550 Felt is available in sheet form. Typical applications for the Excelfrax product range include cryogenic insulation, subsea pipe insulation, furnace and metal transfer system insulation, catering equipment, electronic and data recording equipment protection, fire protection and specialist container insulation.


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Excelfrax® 550 Felt

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