Fiberfrax® Fibersil Cloth

Fiberfrax® Fibersil cloth is a high- performance industrial grade ceramic fiber fabric for use in high-temperature applications. Made from Fiberfrax yarns, it exhibits good resistance to abrasion and mechanical abuse, and is wire rein forced for high strength retention at elevated temperatures. Lightweight Fibersil cloth is easy to fabricate, has low shrinkage, and remains flexible after high temperature exposure. The superior insulating qualities of Fibersil cloth make it effective for energy-saving zoning curtains in furnaces and flexible entrance and exit barriers in continuous ovens. Fibersil cloth provides excellent protection from molten metal splash, and can be used in welding and metal cutting applications.

Typical Fibersil Applications:

  • Expansion joints
  • Furnace curtains (entrance, exit barriers)
  • Personnel and equipment protection
  • Slow cool blankets
  • Welding blankets


Safety Data Sheets

Fiberfrax® Fibersil Cloth

Product Information Sheet

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