Fiberfrax® HSA Paper Composite System

Fiberfrax® HSA Systems are a unique ceramic fiber insulation used in the fabrication of high-temperature heat shields. Multi-layers of a unique ceramic fiber paper are encapsulated between layers of high temperature woven textile and quilted by lock stitching in one-inch squares. HSA Systems’ excellent thermal resistance properties are related to the core material which is composed of high purity alumina-silica fibers. The fibers have a very fine diameter, and all unfiberized material has been removed. The fibers are randomly oriented to eliminate the need for an organic binder. Small cell structure, combined with the absence of unfiberized particles or loose fill, results in extremely low thermal conductivity.

The high fiber index of HSA fibers offers a high resistance to mechanical and acoustical vibration. The material is not prone to settling or breaking down through internal abrasion.

The addition of a textile covering and quilting the composite gives it strength, while at the same time allows the system to remain flexible and formable, providing ease of fabrication.


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Fiberfrax® HSA Paper Composite System

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