Fiberfrax® Topcoat M

Fiberfrax® Topcoat M coating cements have a temperature grade rating of 1538°C (2800°F). Topcoat M is a blend of Fibermax fibers in a dry powder form which is mixed with a prescribed amount of potable water at the job site. It provides protection against slag and alkali attack when applied to Fiberfrax high temperature boards and modules.

Typical Applications:

  • Protect high-temperature Fiberfrax lining systems from slag and alkali attack
  • Improve hot gas erosion resistance of Fiberfrax high temperature linings
  • Reduce thermal shrinkage of hot face in high-temperature refractory and ceramic fiber linings
  • Fill hot face surface cracks


Safety Data Sheets

Fiberfrax® Topcoat M

Product Information Sheet

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